We provide value for your money by deploying solutions that solves your problems!

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We focus on using the latest equipments while maintaining industry standard and  best practices when deploying solutions. Our team strives to achieve excellence in every aspect of deploying solutions to our clients, from the preliminary stages of the project to the aftersales support. We carefully deploy solutions that are flexible, advanced yet simple to use while making sure that our customers stay satisfied.

A common misgiving believes that technological solutions are a one-size fits all approach. We have discovered that many reputable global standards, solutions or systems lack a local content that allows for smooth deployment. We have identified this and incorporate same in every solution we undertake to deploy. That’s the Forlyon Technologies difference……

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WE PROVIDE SERVICESthat stand out for their quality

Home Automations

With just one touch on a remote or a wireless tablet or just about any smart device, you can change the lighting mode, adjust the temperature of the Air Condition in your home, listen to your favourite music,  watch movies, view images from your CCTV cameras and much more!

Access Control & Biometrics

We solve problems by preventing them in the first place. Our Security Access Control and Visitor Management Systems are designed to control access for employees, contractors & visitors to homes and sites, Government buildings and Military formations.

Security & Surveillance

Our solution offers best line of defense against burglary. Our safety & security solutions range from Analogue to IP based Surveillance Systems from a wide range of major brands and manufacture

Anti-Terrorism & Monitoring Solution

We offer solutions geared towards in depth screening of vehicles and emergency restriction and barricading of drive-ways. These screening solutions are non evasive and pose no threat to operators of visitors.
-Under Vehicle Surveillance System
– Terra Bollards
– In-Vehicle Surveillance System
– Passive Vehicle Screening System
– Baggage and Parcel Screening System

Emergency Management

We ensure that our clients are better prepared for emergencies, we are working with other partners to provide accidents and emergency management training  as well as to maintain superior response capabilities. We provide swift response to regulated community, government entities, and victims in case of emergencies. Our Technical Partners  and Collaborators  allow us to provide specialized training and refresher courses in security personnel development.

Fire Detection & Alarm, Fire Fighting Systems

Fire Detection and Alarm, Fire Fighting solutions can help you achieve a comfortable and safe environment that protects people and secures assets. We design and implement advanced security systems that deliver simplicity of operation, enhanced detection and response and cost-effective protection.